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Resources to help you travel well on your next trip.

Coronavirus-related events

Cover for some coronavirus-related events is available on all plans.

Snow sports cover option

Protect your snow trip and stay on track with the Snow sports cover option.

Cruise cover

Sail smoothly with cover that takes you across the seas.


Hit the open road without the roadblocks and travel well on your adventure.

Emergency Assist

Get around the clock emergency help when you need it most.

Sports & Activities

Cover for when you want more than just sightseeing on your holiday.

Cancellation costs

There are many reasons why trips get cancelled, even at the last minute.

Luggage & personal effects

Protect your belongings while you travel with cover for luggage & personal effect.

Existing medical conditions

Our plans offer automatic cover for more than 40 existing medical conditions.

Travelling as an overseas student

Domestic and international trip cover for overseas students studying in Australia.

Travelling to New Zealand

Explore the breathtaking views with cover that takes you across the ditch.

Travelling around Australia

Cover for an epic trip up the coast, the outback, or somewhere in between.

How to sail smoothly on your cruise

9 ways travel insurance can help protect your cruise holiday.

Packing medication for your trip

Things to know when packing medication for your overseas trip.

RAT and PCR tests while overseas

What to do if you get COVID-19 before or while on your travels.

Travel insurance for overseas medical expenses

Find out what you’re covered for when it comes to overseas medical expenses and some other valuable information and tips.

Travel insurance and natural disasters

Answer your questions should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where Mother Nature interrupts your travel plans.

ETIAS requirements for Australians planning a European holiday

Find out everything you need to know about the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) travel permit before you plan your next big European holiday

Travel Insurance for Bali

While Bali seems like the ideal holiday destination for Aussies, your trip may not go to plan if you get Bali-belly, are in an accident, are the victim of theft or mugging, or have to cancel or interrupt your trip because of a natural

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Annual Multi Trip (AMT) travel insurance cover for you and your loved ones for all those exciting trips.

Travel Insurance for the United Kingdom

Steeped in history with vibrant natural landscapes to explore and a diverse culture at its core, the United Kingdom (UK) embodies everything that’s great about travel.

Travel insurance for Europe

Whether you’re a history buff ticking off the incredible historic sights peppered across Europe, plan to island hop in Greece or take to the snow fields of the Swiss Alps, Europe is a region many Aussies are drawn to.

Travel insurance for river cruising

From the mighty Murray to the wilds of Kakadu, Australia’s rivers are rich in history and full of natural wonders, backed by breathtaking landscapes.

Comparing our international plans – Comprehensive vs Essential Plans

With varying levels of coverage offered, you should consider nib travel insurance as it could come in handy for your unique travel needs.

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