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Comprehensive vs Essential Plans

With varying levels of coverage offered, you should consider nib travel insurance as it could come in handy for your unique travel needs.

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Embarking on an adventure abroad? At nib, there’s one thing we know about travellers; no two are the same. Good news is, whether you’re planning to wander the cobblestoned streets of Europe or the sun-kissed beaches of California, our travel insurance plans for overseas trips may help you prepare for those unexpected events.

What does nib Comprehensive and Essentials plan cover?

Whether you're looking for essential coverage or seeking a comprehensive policy for your international trips, we've got two options to suit every type of journey, these are:

The Essentials Plan: Includes a range of benefits such as overseas medical expenses, coverage for your belongings, cancellation or holiday deferment costs, and rental vehicle expenses.

The Comprehensive Plan: Has all the benefits of the Essentials Plan and a few more (such as Coronavirus Travel Costs), typically offers higher levels of coverage, and is more expensive to buy.

Traveller tip: Already travelling and need insurance? We can help. Go online now for an instant quote. Please note that waiting periods may apply.

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Which travel insurance plan is best suited for my travel needs?

Every travel tale is unique, and so is the travel insurance protection it may need. We can’t (and would never) tell you which travel insurance plan you should choose, but here are a few specifics you may want to consider when weighing up the Essentials and Comprehensive plans:

  • Destination: Where are you going? While every destination is unique and remarkable, they also come with their own unique risks. 
  • Activities: Consider the sights and experiences you're planning – for example, does your plan involve snow sports? If yes, you may want to consider purchasing snow sports optional cover, which is only available on the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Budget: How much coverage do you need for trip expenses, accommodation, or lost, stolen or delayed luggage, if the unforeseen happens? 
  • Personal circumstances: Do you require coverage for emergency travel expenses for your dependents, friends, or relatives? 
  • How much coverage you’ll need: Think about how much coverage you'll need for those 'just in case' moments, like rental vehicle excess.

Traveller tip: Setting off on your journey with the right travel insurance plan is like packing the perfect suitcase – you need to weigh it all up from the beginning. So to ensure smooth sailing (or flying), choose your insurance plan wisely – once your journey begins, the path of your insurance is set, and switching your insurance from Essentials to Comprehensive isn’t an option.

What’s the difference between the Comprehensive vs the Essentials plan?

At nib, we keep insurance simple and flexible; our Essentials Plan covers the basics, our Comprehensive Plan expands on that coverage. In some cases, we also have specialised add-ons that you can purchase for those quirky particulars you may need more coverage for (such as expensive personal items). 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from our plans: 

  • Overseas emergency medical cover: If you’re injured while travelling outside of Australia, both our Comprehensive and Essentials plans may cover any medical, hospital, and ambulance costs you incur. Also, if, unfortunately, you’re hospitalised with a sudden, life-threatening injury or illness during your trip, we may cover the cost of a friend or relative to travel and be by your bedside. 
  • Luggage and personal effects: Packing light? Our Essentials Plan offers coverage of up to $5,000 (with an individual item limit of $500). But if you’re packing the laptop or camera, you may want to consider the Comprehensive Plan, which offers coverage for up to $12,000 (with an individual item limit of $700). The Comprehensive Plan also offers additional cover for electronics (up to $4,000 per item – subject to terms and conditions).
  • Coronavirus travel costs: while our Essentials Plan doesn’t offer coverage for travel costs associated with Coronavirus, our Comprehensive Plan does. If you or a member of your travelling party are diagnosed with Coronavirus, resulting in trip interruptions (or cancellations), you may be covered for reimbursement of any non-refundable, pre-paid travel costs.

Always check your policy for the full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. 

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What's not covered

At nib, our insurance plans are not designed to cover everything, which is why it’s important to do your research before you purchase any insurance. 

Here are some specifics that aren’t covered under our International Travel Insurance policies:

  • If your holiday is cancelled and you need to make a claim for non-refundable costs, and flight cancellations, we won’t cover any expenses relating to persons not listed on your policy. So ensure you’ve listed loved ones on your insurance policy before setting off on your journey.
  • We won’t reimburse you for medical expenses incurred outside of Australia if your intention of travelling is to receive medical treatment.
  • You won’t be covered for stolen personal items if they weren’t stored in a safe manner e.g. leaving your camera in plain sight, or in an unlocked motor vehicle.
  • We automatically cover more than 40 existing medical conditions, but we typically won’t cover other existing medical conditions. Have an existing medical condition and not sure if it’ll be covered? Call us. 

Quick tip: Are you urgently needing to make a claim? You can claim online, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Travel Insurance FAQs

Is there a waiting period for claims after purchasing my travel insurance?
After buying your travel insurance, a 72-hour waiting period applies for certain claims if your policy starts while you're already on your trip. However, if you have an accident during this waiting period, your coverage kicks in right away.
Can I cancel my travel insurance policy if I change my mind?
Yes, nib offers a cooling-off period of 21 days from the purchase date of your policy. If you haven't started your trip, made a claim, or intend to make a claim, you can cancel your policy for a full refund within this period.

Need to know more?

If you find yourself abroad and have a medical emergency, it’s important you get in contact with our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team – that way, we can support and guide you through difficult times.

The above features and benefits are a summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

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