Domestic travel insurance

Cover for a weekend up the coast, a campervan trip across the country, or somewhere in between.

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If you’re travelling anywhere in Australia, then our domestic plan might be for you. This plan ticks off cover for things like medical evacuation, optional cancellation costs, luggage and personal items and more. And if you’re heading to the snow, surf or an Iron man comp, you can also add sports and leisure equipment as specified items so your skis, snowboard or bicycle will have cover.

Rental Vehicle Excess
If your rental vehicle is involved in an accident we can offer cover for the insurance excess you'll be contracted to pay.
Luggage & Personal Effects
We offer cover for accidental damage, theft or permanent loss of your luggage and personal effects.
Cancellation Costs
You can choose to be covered for trip cancellation up to a limit that best suits your plans.
^Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions for each policy, as contained in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Summary of what our Domestic Plan covers

Domestic Plan Coverage

Policy Limits

Luggage & Personal Effects

We offer cover for the accidental damage, theft or permanent loss of your luggage and personal effects (up to applicable cover limits).
Sub-limits & item limits apply.

$4,000 per single policy
$8,000 per family policy

Cancellation Costs

Up to the limit of your choosing we will insure the value of unused pre-paid travel and accommodation arrangements or the reasonable cost of rearranging your trip in the instance of certain events.
Policy limits must be chosen at time of purchase, from $2,000 up to a maximum of $10,000. Sub-limits apply.

Up to chosen policy limit

Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess

If your rental vehicle is involved in an accident, is damaged, or is stolen whilst in your care we offer cover for the rental vehicle insurance excess you are contracted to pay.
Option available at time of purchase to increase this to a maximum limit of $6,000.

$4,000 per policy

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

Cover is available for your medically necessary additional travel or repatriation as a result of a sudden illness or serious injury, for up to 12 months after the sudden illness first appears or serious injury first occurs.

$10,000 per single policy
$20,000 per family policy

Personal Liability

If your negligence causes injury to a person, or damage to property that is not owned by you we’ll offer cover for amounts for which you’re legally liable.

$1,000,000 per policy

Additional Expenses

If your trip is interrupted due to the death, sudden illness or serious injury of yourself or a close relative, we offer cover for your reasonable and necessary additional travel, accommodation and meals.

$10,000 per single policy
$20,000 per family policy

Snow Sports & Activities Option

If you need this option, please add on cover for snow sports & activities at time of policy purchase (you'll see the tick box). This will ensure you have paid the additional premium and the Snow Sports option will be noted on your Certificate of Insurance. There is no cover for snow sports and activities unless this option is selected and the additional premium paid.
Sub-limits apply.

Option Only

  • Piste Closure
  • $100/day up to $1,000/single
  • $200/day up to $2,000/family
  • Pre-paid costs
  • $1,000/single policy
  • $2,000/family policy
  • Equipment Replacement
  • $1,500/single policy
  • $3,000/family policy
  • Hired Equipment
  • $2,000/single policy
  • $4,000/family policy

This table is a summary only. Please refer to the Policy Wording for full terms, conditions & exclusions that may apply.

FAQs about Domestic Travel Insurance

I’m not hiring a car, will domestic insurance cover me to drive my own car?
No, unfortunately we can’t cover your car (you’ll need car insurance for that). However, if a road you’re driving on is unexpectedly closed or flooded and you can’t make it to your pre-booked accommodation, we could cover the value of your unused accommodation.
Why are medical expenses not covered in the domestic policy?
Travel Insurance can only cover you for medical expenses incurred overseas. Medical costs in Australia can be covered by Medicare or your private health insurer.
Is there a minimum distance I have to travel away from home to be eligible for domestic cover?
We can cover trips that take you more than 100km from your home in Australia. To have cover, you'll need to start or finish travelling at your home, or both.

Domestic Travel Tips

Specified Items

Under our Domestic Plan we offer a maximum of cover limit of $4K per item (with total cover maximum of up to $10K).

Make sure this is enough for you and in the event of having to make a claim, that you’ll be able to provide proof of ownership and item value.

Travelling with Valuables

If travelling with valuable items, always be sure to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard them for example, not leaving them unsupervised in a public place, not leaving them behind nor walking away from them.

In instances like this, you can make a claims, but it is highly likely that it would not be approved.

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