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Need help with your claim?

If you need help in making a claim or would like to follow up on the status of a claim our teams are ready to help. Click the link below for details and remember to have your policy number ready.
Contact our claims teams

For 24hr Worldwide emergency assistance

If you need urgent help while travelling, try and call us as soon as possible, and before you go to hospital if not critical. We're in the process of improving our Emergency Assistance for all our customers. Depending on when you bought your policy and the policy number on your Certificate Of Insurance, you will need to call the appropriate number below.

For information visit

Does your policy start with NIB?

eg. NIBAUS12345678

If your policy number starts with NIB you can contact our team 24/7 on the numbers below. To avoid call costs, call using reverse charge via the local operator.

By Phone:
+61 2 9234 3170
+61 2 8256 1570

By email:

Does your policy start with something else?

eg. TI3012345678-00

Contact our team 24/7 on the numbers below if your policy does not begin with NIB.

By Phone:
1300 555 019 (within Australia)
+61 3 8523 2800 (within overseas)

By email: