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International Travel Insurance Plans

From a week in Bali to a month in Europe, we can offer cover for all types of overseas adventures.

Cover that takes you across the seas

When you’re a long way from home, you want to know that if something goes wrong you’re not alone. Even minor mishaps can have a major impact on both your travel plans and your wallet.

Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Plan
Our Comprehensive Plan can offer cover if you get sick or injured overseas, or your plans get cancelled unexpectedly.
Essentials Plan
Essentials Plan
Our Essentials Plan can offer cover for trips overseas, without having to pay top dollar.

Compare International Travel Insurance Plans

Key BenefitComprehensiveEssentials
Overseas Medical Expenses Unlimited1,2 Unlimited1,2
Cancellation or holiday deferment costs Up to chosen limit1,3 Up to chosen limit1,3
Luggage and personal effects Up to $12,0001 Up to $5,0001
Medical evacuation and repatriation  Unlimited1 $500,0001
Rental vehicle insurance excess  $5,0003 $2,0003
Travel delay (after 6 hours)  $2,0001
Limit $250 per 24hrs
Limit $250 per 24hrs
Personal liability $2,500,000 $1,000,000
Overseas Medical Expenses for Coronavirus Available under Overseas Medical Expenses benefit Available under Overseas Medical Expenses benefit
Medical evacuation for Coronavirus Available under Medical evacuation and repatriation benefit Available under Medical evacuation and repatriation benefit
Coronavirus Travel Costs $2,500 Not Available
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¹ Sublimits apply, please read the Product Disclosure Statement.
² Medical/evacuation benefits provided for up to 12 months from the date of illness or injury; medical expenses incurred in Australia are not covered.
³ This is a limit per policy; it is the most we’ll pay for all people on your Certificate of Insurance combined, per trip.

International Travel Tips

Cancellation cover
Cancellation cover
Your policy limit for “Cancellation or holiday deferment costs” must be chosen at the time of purchase. You can vary the maximum trip cancellation limit at the time you purchase your policy, and you will be advised of any change in premium.
Travelling with Valuables
Travelling with Valuables
Always be sure to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard all your luggage and personal effects. For example, don't leave them unsupervised in a public place, nor leave them behind or walk away from them. In instances like this, you can make a claim, but it is highly likely that it would not be approved.

FAQs about International Travel Insurance

Will I be covered for cruising?
Good news, cover for cruising is automatically included in our international policies. If you get sick aboard a cruise, we can offer overseas medical cover on board, including if you contract Coronavirus during the trip. Make sure you’re following all relevant government and official advice.

All policy terms, limits and exclusions apply, and you should be aware there are things we don’t cover, such as your cruise being cancelled by the provider due to an epidemic or pandemic.
Can nib cover my existing medical condition?
Yes, we can offer automatic cover for over 40 existing medical conditions, provided that you satisfy the criteria for that condition. If your condition is not automatically covered, you can apply for cover before or at the time you buy your policy. In many cases, we expect we'll be able to offer you cover for your existing medical condition for an additional premium.
Can I purchase a policy if I'm already travelling overseas?
Yes you can purchase a policy after leaving your home in Australia, however there is a 72 hour waiting period for all policies purchased while travelling. If you purchase while you're travelling, you must purchase cover up to the date you will return to your home in Australia - we can't cover you for the middle of a trip.

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