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Travel Insurance for overseas students studying in Australia

If you're taking a study break to travel, you can choose to pack nib travel insurance to help protect your trip

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Travel Insurance for overseas students studying in Australia

If you’re an overseas student studying in Australia and looking to take a travel break, it’s important to consider travel insurance for your trip.

Whether you’re travelling to a neighbouring country or one further afield, unplanned mishaps can really affect your itinerary and finances. nib lets you travel well with cover offered for things likes overseas medical bills, lost or damaged valuables, cancelled bookings, some coronavirus-related events and more.

Why should I consider travel insurance as a student?

Travelling by yourself or going on a big trip with friends can be exciting when you're a student. But things out of your control can happen and the cost of repairing, replacing or recovering your things or the bills you potentially face could be more expensive without insurance than with it. Not only does nib help cover the cost of mishaps, their 24/7 emergency assistance team offers around the clock support when you need it most, anywhere around the world.

Benefits of nib travel insurance

nib has plans that can offer cover from the moment you start planning and travelling, to your safe return home in Australia. You're best off having a look at what's covered (and what's not) in our PDS, but here’s some of the specific things you can be covered for if you're a student travelling overseas.

Medical bills

Our plans can cover you for overseas medical bills and repatriation if you need to travel back to Australia.


Cover for some coronavirus-related events is available on all our international plans and our Australian Travel Plan.

Cancellation costs

Every itinerary is different. You can choose to be covered for trip cancellation up to a limit that best suits your plan.

Luggage & valuables

Protect your luggage and valuables if they are stolen, permanently lost or accidentally damaged.

Tailor your cover to suit your trip

If you’re heading to the snow or renting a car on your trip, or both, there are cover options you can add to your policy for an additional premium. Plus, if you’ll be capturing every moment with your professional camera kit and editing on your laptop on the go, you can upgrade your cover for these items. Here’s a snapshot of cover options you might want to add.

Snow sports cover option

Skiing or snowboarding down the slopes can be thrilling but it can also bring injuries. Whether you're off to learn how to ski or you're a pro, you can add Snow sports cover option to your trip.

Specified items option

While our policy covers some valuable electronic items like cameras, laptops and phones, you may wish to add extra cover for specific items above our standard limits.

Additional rental vehicle insurance excess cover

If you’re renting a vehicle to hit the open road, you can increase your excess cover so your out-of-pocket excess is lower if you get into a mishap.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

With travel not always going to plan, it's good to know nib has 24/7 support on hand to assist you when you need it most. From navigating language barriers and finding the nearest doctor and arranging medical transport, all with regular check-ins, we can offer support every step of the way.

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This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS & TMD available from us before purchasing and consider whether the product is right for you.

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