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Travel Insurance for New Zealand

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Cover that takes you across the ditch

When you’re away from home, you want to know that if something goes wrong, you’re not alone. Even minor mishaps can have a major impact on both your travel plans and your wallet. So whether you plan to relax in the hot springs of Rotorua in the North Island or explore the breathtaking mountains and glaciers in the South, you can compare the plans at nib to choose the coverage that’s right for you.

Comprehensive Plan

Our Comprehensive Plan can cover you if your trip gets cancelled unexpectedly, or if you get injured or sick, including contracting coronavirus.

Essentials Plan

Our Essentials Plan can offer cover for trips overseas, without having to pay top dollar.

Compare International Travel Insurance Plans

Overseas Medical Expenses Unlimited1,2 Unlimited1,2
Cancellation or holiday deferment costs Up to chosen limit1,3 Up to chosen limit1,3
Luggage and personal effects Up to $12,0001 Up to $5,0001
Medical evacuation and repatriation Unlimited1 $500,0001
Rental vehicle insurance excess $5,0003 $2,0003
Travel delay (after 6 hours) $2,0001
Limit $250 per 24hrs
Limit $250 per 24hrs
Personal liability $2,500,000 $1,000,000
Overseas Medical Expenses for Coronavirus Available under Overseas Medical Expenses benefit Available under Overseas Medical Expenses benefit
Medical evacuation for Coronavirus Available under Medical evacuation and repatriation benefit Available under Medical evacuation and repatriation benefit
Coronavirus Travel Costs $10,000 Not Available
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¹ Sublimits apply, please read the Product Disclosure Statement.
² Medical/evacuation benefits provided for up to 12 months from the date of illness or injury; medical expenses incurred in Australia are not covered.
³ This is a limit per policy; it is the most we’ll pay for all people on your Certificate of Insurance combined, per trip
This is a summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions as outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement

Travel well with nib


Cover for some coronavirus related events is available on all our international plans.

Existing medical conditions

We can provide automatic cover for over 40 existing medical conditions, provided all the criteria for that condition are met.

Luggage & Personal Effects

We offer cover for accidental damage, theft or permanent loss of your luggage and personal effects.

Cancellation Costs

You can choose to be covered for trip cancellation up to a limit that best suits your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider travel insurance for New Zealand?
Crossing the ditch may only be a short trip away from Australia, but this doesn't stop hiking mishaps, rental vehicle accidents, lost belongings or unexpected flight cancellations from happening. Instead of feeling stranded, travel insurance can offer cover so you can get on with your trip. Consider the PDS.
Do Australian citizens and permanent residents get covered by the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA)?
Yes, the RHCA that Australia has with New Zealand means that some medical costs such as essential hospital care and maternity services may be covered. However, not all expenses are covered, like medical evacuation and medical repatriation, for example. This is when having travel insurance may help cover the cost.
Can I get travel insurance for COVID-19?
Cover for some coronavirus related events is available on all nib international plans. The plans offer cover for medical expenses overseas if you contract coronavirus while travelling, and medical evacuation and repatriation. Our Comprehensive Plan also covers some coronavirus travel costs, such as quarantine expenses and trip cancellation if you are diagnosed with coronavirus.

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