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Customer Amendment, Cancellation, Refund & Credit FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions



Are my customers covered whilst their policy is in credit?
There is no cover for customers whilst their policy is placed into credit as it is a condition that they must confirm that they are not exercising any rights under the policy.

If a claim is lodged against a policy after the credit has been offered, we will consider that the original policy has been used, and it will no longer be eligible to be redeemed for credit.

When does the policy credit commence from and what is the validity period?
The credit will commence from the time it has been agreed to place the policy into credit. The credit will then be valid for redemption up until 31 March 2022.

Will you be providing a voucher, including a copy of the existing policy advising that a credit will be provided?
No vouchers will be issued however, notes will be added to the policy by the Customer Service team and these can be viewed within the Partner Console. An offer of credit, including the terms and conditions will be emailed to you to share with your customer.

If I have already submitted a cancellation request and now wish to change to a credit, can this be done?
A hold was placed on the completion of all refund requests while we created a solution for the options we are now offering. All existing and future cancellation requests will be provided with these new options.

We will respond with the available option(s) where a request has already been submitted.

If a new policy is cheaper than the original policy can the balance of the credit be used for another policy/transferrable?
At the time of the new policy is purchased, you will need to then contact Customer Service to have the old policy cancelled, this will result in the full value of the original policy being refunded. The value of the original policy cannot be used during the purchase of a new policy.

Can an nib credit be used towards a SS future policy and vice versa?
Yes, as the original policy will be credited once a new policy has been purchased, we can identify other product’s to the customer, should the customer wish to purchase a different nib Travel Services product. You must be careful to not provide any advice or recommendations about a product.

What if I have already had a policy refunded can I transfer that to a credit instead?
If you have already received confirmation of your policy refund you will not be able to change this to a credit as the refund has already been processed.

Where do I find the Terms and Conditions of the Credit?
Credit Terms and Conditions are located here.

These will also be provided in the email with the credit offer.

Can I leave notes against the policy myself or can this only be done by the Customer Service team?
A credit template must be completed and returned to Customer Service who will check that our requirements for a credit have been met. They will the leave a note on the policy.

When the new policy is issued for new dates, does this have to be same destination and duration?
It does not have to be the same destination or duration however, at least one of the travellers must be listed on the new policy.

If I haven’t redeemed the credit prior to the 31 March 2022, what happens to the credit?
It is the agent's responsibility to diarise and remember there are credits in place. If you have not redeemed prior to the 31 March 2022, the credit will be forfeited.

Do all named policy holders need to be travelling together again on a new policy?
At least one of the original travelers must be listed on the new policy to utilise the credit.

How does this process work when I've purchased “On Account”?
We will return a policy premium in the same way it was paid.

If the customer paid you directly for the policy, and it was issued on account, you should take payment via the same method for the new policy.

Once the original policy is cancelled, the premium that was paid for the original will be reflected as a credit on your next monthly account statement and the policy will appear itemised as a refund on your invoice; the full premium for the original policy is to be paid back to your customer.

How will credits work when a customer has a medical screening attached to their policy? And can I get a refund if, on my new policy, my medical screening is declined (previously accepted)?
A policy can be placed into credit however, depending on how long it has been since the original screening was completed, or if the traveller has had any change in their health; as this is a new policy, a new screening may be required, and they may receive a new/different outcome.

If we are no longer able to offer cover for medical conditions on a new policy, and your customer is not satisfied, please contact us to discuss options.

Can the customer use the credit like a voucher towards the purchase of a new policy?
No, the customer buys the new policy and then the original unused policy premium is then refunded.

  • If the new policy’s premium is higher than the credit amount this is to be paid by the traveller;
  • If the new policy’s premium is less than the credit amount, the difference is to be paid to the traveller by the agent.
  • For policies purchased on account, refunds will be paid into the account.
For policies purchased using a credit card, refunds will be processed onto the original credit card used, where possible. We may require a bank account to process the refund


Will the completed templates which have already been submitted be provided with these new options?
All pending cancellation requests which have not yet been actioned, will be contacted and provided with the options to amend their dates or apply for a credit, where applicable/eligible.


My traveller will still be travelling at a date in the future, how do I go about changing their dates within the current policy guidelines.
You have access via your portal, to amend the start date of a traveller's policy up until the departure date shown on the policy certificate – for policies issued after the 30th November 2019.

You can move the departure date to a date in the future up to the available advance purchase time for the plan selected. This advance purchase window is calculated from the original purchase date.

When amending travel dates there could be a premium differential which is commissionable.

Policies issued through TPOS, before 30th November, should be amended prior to 4th May 2020. If you are unable to amend the policy prior to this date, please contact us for assistance.

How will amendment and date changes work for customers who have a medical screening attached to their policy?
To amend, a customer must be eligible for their policy to be amended, this is not an option for policies which include additional cover for existing medical conditions or cover for specified medical conditions. Please contact Customer Service to discuss your customer’s specific requirements.


I have a customer who has an unused AMT, can I apply for a credit?
If the start date of the policy has not passed, the customer may be eligible to receive an offer of credit, provided they do not intend to use this policy to travel or claim.

Am I entitled to a partial refund for those customers who are on a 6/12 month policy who have had to return to Australia due to the Government warnings?
No, unfortunately you are not able to apply for a refund, as the policy has already commenced, and your customer has commenced travel against this policy.

I have already submitted my refund request, when will this request be actioned?
As we have implemented new options outside of refunds, with the introduction of credits, we will come back to all requests already submitted and reconfirm the options available. Once confirmed, we will process the request and a resolution should take up to 15-20 days.

I have been advised that my policy was being submitted for consideration of a refund and would like to know if this will be approved?
We have implemented new options outside of refunds. We would first like to confirm if a credit for your policy premium is suitable. If a credit is not suitable, as the customer has already been advised to expect a refund, we will process the preferred request and provide the refund within 15 business days.

As an agent can I charge a service fee to my customers from the value of the refund provided?
Agents cannot charge a cancellation/service fee on the travel insurance policy


If a policy was issued in TPOS what options do I have?
You can apply for a cancellation / credit or amendment of travel dates.

Please note date amendments will not be able to be made in TPOS after the 30th April 2020.