nib Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Sports & Activities

Protect your next adventure with cover for a range of sports & activities


Looking to get more out of your trip than sightseeing?

If you're ready get out and travel, it's good to know nib can cover a range of sports and activities for travel adventures at home and further afield.

nib covers many of the most popular experiences*:

Time to get wet
Time to get wet

✔ Scuba diving

✔ Snorkelling

✔ Jet skiing

✔ Surfing

✔ Sailing

Breaking a sweat
Breaking a sweat

✔ Trekking

✔ Cycling

✔ Hiking

✔ Gym

Chill out
Chill out

✔ Stand up paddle boarding

✔ Meditation

✔ Pilates

✔ Yoga

That's a bit extreme
That's a bit extreme

✔ Cage swimming with sharks

✔ Bungee jumping

✔ Skydiving

✔ Zip line

* Activities listed may only be covered if certain criteria are met. Read below for conditions of cover and what's not covered in conjunction with the PDS for full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions to cover.

A few things you should know...

  • There’s no cover for participation in, or training for, professional sporting activities
  • Don’t take needless risks and only book activities through reputable companies
  • Never take part in activities while intoxicated with drugs and alcohol
  • Always wear and use applicable safety gear - like a helmet when riding a bike
  • There's no cover for sporting equipment (including surfboards) whilst in use
  • When scuba diving, you must hold an open water diving licence or be under licensed instruction
  • You must purchase the Snow sports cover option to be covered for snow sports
  • You must be appropriately licensed, when required.
  • What's not covered

    ✖ Hunting

    ✖ Playing polo

    ✖ Racing (except on foot)

    ✖ Mountaineering using support ropes; rock climbing; abseiling

    ✖ Paragliding

    ✖ Participating in BASE jumping

    ✖ Running with the bulls

    ✖ Pot holing

    ✖ Travelling in international waters in a private sail vessel or privately registered sail vessel

    ✖ Riding an all-terrain vehicle or quad bike, either as the person in control or as a pillion passenger

    ✖ Participating in any competitive record attempts involving aerial devices or aircraft.
    This is a brief summary of cover and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please read the international and domestic Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

    All set to jet?